Legal Services

Equine Law Group

T. Randolph Catanese, Esq., the founder of Catanese & Wells, has been practicing equine law since 1983.
Over his career Mr. Catanese has represented hundreds of clients with equine business and litigation needs as a trial attorney. Mr. Catanese has and does represent citizens throughout the state of California, in various jurisdictions in the United States and internationally. Mr. Catanese founded Catanese & Wells in 1989 for the purpose of providing specialized service to people engaged in the equine industry. Today, a team of trial attorneys work to ensure that clients of Catanese & Wells receive the best legal representation in California. What started as a firm dedicated to equine law has expanded to one of California’s leading legal firms. When you contact us for your legal services, our team will dedicate themselves to leverage the skills of our trial attorneys to map out the best process for success. We encourage you to view the overview of our legal services below and reach out to our team to get the best legal counsel in California.

Estate and Probate Litigation

The Estate Litigation Group of Catanese & Wells assists clients who have probate, trust and general estate legal needs.
This includes probate and will contests, beneficiary disputes, removal of trustees, enforcement of trusts and wills, recovery of estate property, accountings, and emergency petitions for court orders such as injunctive relief. The trial lawyers at the firm also consult with clients in situations where family concerns are paramount and the need for discretion is important. All of our trial lawyers have families themselves and treat every client they represent as if they were a family member. It is always their goal to provide the best services possible. All our trial lawyers not only have an incredible education background but a wealth of experience in the courtroom. We understand the importance of estate and probate legal work and will do our best to answer all the questions that come up throughout the process.

Civil Litigation Group

Catanese & Wells provides full service to those with specific and general business disputes.
Civil disputes involving business issues, money and real property concerns or general matters related to corporate or partnership operations are the types of cases handled by the firm. The Civil Litigation Group represents customers before all state and federal courts in the state of California. The group also has an extensive appellate practice assisting people with appeals when needed. In civil litigation, it is imperative to understand the law completely and present a case that clearly explains the need for compensation for the plaintiff. We implore you to lean on the education and experience of our trial lawyers as they can provide the best result possible in the courtroom.

Business Law Group

The Business Law Group has extensive experience in all areas of business
From business formation to capital acquisition our California business lawyers can help. The firm represents Americans who are just starting a new business as well as those who are publicly traded. Justice is our number one priority. If your business needs help bringing a matter to justice, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to putting the very best attorneys to work on your behalf. We understand the process it takes to achieve justice and our team has the experience it takes to appeal to a jury of your peers. Have questions? Our team of trial attorneys have answers. Reach out to us today!